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Spots open in our Preschool & Pre-K rooms Classroom!

We have limited spots open in our Toddler classrooms and a wait list for our infant room.

*Sign up for our summercamp programs!  Trips to the movies, dance and bowling. In house animal vistis and STEM workshops. Weekly trips to the park!  Lots of fun!


We cannot state it enough.....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE label all of your child's belongings.  Hats, gloves, clothes, boots, bedding, bottles, lunchboxes, pacifiers, etc. Basically anything that is coming into the school/classroom NEEDS to be label.  If it gets misplaced, with it labeled, it will be much eaisier to return it.  We can not be responisible for missing or lost articles of clothes or other items that were not labeled.   The teachers will start to label items without names.


Please check cubbies for extra clothes and switch out clothing for the warmer weather.  Your child will also need sunscreen with an SPR of 15 or higher, bug spray and a hat for the summer.

These items are not supplied by KCC but if we do have to supply them, there is a per day fee.


Per Senate Bill 247, passed last year by the govenor, all licesnsed childcares are require to test drink water for lead.  The acceptable level is anything @15 ppb or under.  Kid's Creative Cove tested our 4 drinking water sinks and all were at 1 or under ppb.  If you want, please stop by to see Ms. Kim for a copy of the results.  We will continue to test each yr to ensure that our drinking water is always safe to comsume. 


We are now able to announce our school delay and/or cancellations on WMUR!  If we were to have a school closing or delay, due to weather, please tune into to WMUR, channel 9 to check the status of school cancellations or delays.  You can also visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/KidsCreativeCove or follow us on Twitter for updates.  In the event that the center had to close due to other reasons, not weather related, your child's teacher would contact you as early as possible to relay the message. 

Happy Birthday America!

July Newsletter!


The heat is on!  Summer seems to finally have gotten here!  We go outside everyday.  We monitor the heat index for summertime fun.  Anything under an 8 with a temp of 90 or below and a feel like of 90 or below, you will find us outside!  Please help us keep your children safe by providing us with:

1-a sun hat or baseball cap to help keep the sunn off their faces

2-sunscreen (lotion type not spray) with an SPR of 15 or greater to apply before heading outside

3-bug spray with deet to help repel ticks

4-a reusable water bottle (not one with a straw and not one that is a one time use) to help keep kiddos hydrated while outside

5-weather appropriate clothing (shorts, short sleves)

Please make sure all these items are labeled as well with a name or initals on them.  When they are labeled, they have a better chance of making their way back you their owner! :)

We spray the playground and surrounding area once a month for ticks & bugs. We provide ice cold popicles in the afternoon, we have water tables to cool off and we apply (if you have provided it) sunscreen and bug spray to the children before heading out in the morning & afternoon.


Unfortunately, because of ratios, we do not have staff to kept children inside, nor is it fair to keep a whole class inside for one child.  We also have to follow state regulations that state children need to have 60 mins of outside, gross motor time each day, weather permitting.


The new state regulations went into effect in 2017 but some regulations were extended into 2019.  2 of them were Explusions policies for centers and Lead Testing for drinking water. 

The explusion policy spells out what steps the center will take in the event a child/ren in the center have behaviors that are above normal for development.  This includes physical, emotional, social and/or cognitive.  One must understand that in the field of Early Childhood, most teachers are not specialized in Special Education which means they cannot be expected to deal with behaviors that are above & beyond what they went to school for.  The center will try its best to help a child/ren, with their family but if the behavior becomes severe that it is a continuious disruption to the learning environment or the safety of the other children and/or staff then it may very well be in the best interest of the whole center to part ways.


The govenor of New Hampshire passed a bill last year mandating that all public schools and licensed childcare centers test all drinking water for lead.  The acceptable levels for lead in drinking water is 15 ppb.  We had our water tested by Nelson Analytical Labs in Manchester.  All drinking water came in at 1 ppb or under. We will continue to test as needed to ensure that our water is always safe for consumption.  


Finally, each time you take your children to a well baby/child check up, you must provide the center with an up to date immunization record and a school clearnace form from the doctor.  The state is very much looking through files to ensure these forms are in a child's file so that we can continue to provide care for you child. 


This month we celebrate America's Birthday!  We will also learn about celebrations that other countries honor!  With summer time, now is a great time to do more gross motor activies and we like to set up our own summer olympics in the classrooms and outside! July is all about having fun! Of course, our colors are Red, White & Blue and the shape this month is the star!


We would like to welcome Ms. Melissa & Ms. Kristen to the KCC family, as well as Trinity, Felix, Grayson & Cody!  


Happy Birthday: Ryan, Trinity & Hadley



Dates to Remeber

July 4th & 5th-Closed-4th of July Holiday

July 11th-Fun with Bubbles



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We have a 10 hr care policy.  This policy is per child, not per family as our ratios are per child not family.


  You can pay by check or cash by end of day on Thursday.  You may also use your Debit or Credit Card here at the center. There is a convenience fee for us to process credit cards.   The fee is 3.5% plus .40 per transaction. 




Please Support Our Fundraising Efforts!


We are raising funds to upgrade out security system!  Look for our Spring Fundraiser!

Please help us by showing our fundraisers to family & friends, co workers & neighbors!  A donation to the school can be made as well! 



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Kid's Creative Cove Learning Center & Childcare has a facebook page, as well as a Twitter account, a Pintrest account and now, for our parents, the Bright Wheel App!  Check them out and like us, tweet about us and follow us!  Please remember our social media pages are not a place for negative comments but rather a place to catch up on the happenings of the center.  We encourage you to have open lines of communication with your child's teacher and/or the director so that issues or concerns can be handle immediately, professionally and respectfully.  The administrator of the center's social media pages reserves the right to delete and/or alter and unfriend/block anyone and their posts/comments if they are felt to be insensitive to the center, the staff and/or families of the center.

Our teachers are asked to refrain from friending or following our parents.  We ask that you not friend or follow them as well.  This helps protect the privacy of both our teachers and our families.  Thank you.

If you need to speak with our director, please don't hesitate to call. We're always happy to assist you.
Phone: 603 429-2003

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