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Spots open in our Pre-K Classroom!

We are currently on a wait list for our infant and Preschool rooms.

1 part time spot open (Tues/Thurs) in our Toddler room


We cannot state it enough.....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE label all of your child's belongings.  Hats, gloves, clothes, boots, bedding, bottles, lunchboxes, pacifiers, etc. Basically anything that is coming into the school/classroom NEEDS to be label.  If it gets misplaced, with it labeled, it will be much eaisier to return it.  We can not be responisible for missing or lost articles of clothes or other items that were not labeled.   The teachers will start to label items without names.


Please check cubbies for extra clothes and switch out clothing for the warmer weather.  Your child will also need sunscreen with an SPR of 15 or higher, bug spray and a hat for the summer.

These items are not supplied by KCC but if we do have to supply them, there is a per day fee.


We are now able to announce our school delay and/or cancellations on WMUR!  If we were to have a school closing or delay, due to weather, please tune into to WMUR, channel 9 to check the status of school cancellations or delays.  You can also visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/KidsCreativeCove or follow us on Twitter for updates.  In the event that the center had to close due to other reasons, not weather related, your child's teacher would contact you as early as possible to relay the message. 

Love is in the air...& maybe warmer weather?

February Newsletter!


Winter has arrived, the weather has turned down right frigid!  Please remember we go outside everyday, weather permitting!  So unless it is extremely cold (below 15 with wind chill), snowing heavy or raining, your child NEEDS snow gear (hats, mittens, winter jacket, snow pants and boots) here for enjoying outside.  Extra mittens, pants and socks are a must, as they get wet & usually do not have a chance to dry before the next use.  Children lacking these items will be dressed in extra clothes and layers to go outside and may have to just sit down if proper gear is not here.  Unfortuntely, we do not have the extra staff to stay with a few children inside and because of state regulations and ratios, children cannot always just be added to another classroom.  Also, please do not ask us to keep you child inside because they are getting over a cold or are sick.  Again, we do not have staff to tend to children inside when their class is outside and in all honesty, if they are too sick to play outside, they should stay home.  PLEASE LABEL ALL CLOTHING ITEMS WITH YOUR CHILD'S NAME OR INITALS ON THEM.  In the winter, things such as hats, boots and mittens tend to get misplaced, so with a name on them, they have a better chance of finding their way back to their rightful owner.  Teachers for the older children are NOT responsible for keeping track of your child's belongings.  Teachers will explain and show children how to put away their winter clothing correctly.  Please remind your child to keep track of their items. Personal responsibility is a life skill that everyone needs to learn.


This month we talk about mail & the postal service.  Our Pre-K is planning a field trip to the post office!  We also discuss staying health and good dental hygiene!  We hope the groundhog does not see his shadow and we learn about the presidents of the United States of America both past & present!  We also celebrate Valentine's Day with classroom parties and wearing our color of the month pink!  The shape to learn this month is the heart and our number is 10.  The letters of the month for the infant and toddler room is M & N, while in Preschool it is J & D and in Pre-K it is Ww & Xx.  Everyone should have gotten their end of year statements by now.  If you have not, please see Ms. Kim.  There is a $2 admin fee for replacement statements.  

You might have noticed our new keypad system.  This has been something we wanted to do for a while and many parents have asked about.  We are happy to be able to finally have one installed but it took a large chunk of our budget.  With our Fall fundraiser we were able to raise a 1/3 of the cost of the system.  We have also been able to allocate some funds from other center expenses but we are still a long way from recouping the cost of the system.  Like any small business, when items are in need ,prices are usually affected but we decided this school year not to raise the cost of tuitoin and instead ask for donations of items, each month, from each family, that the center uses alot.  These donated items them let us take funds and use them somewhere else, like the new security system.  Many families have done more than their share and we thank you for you support.  This month we are in need of tissues and paper towles!  We will also be having a spring fundraiser soon!

We are happy to have Ms. Elisa back from maternity leave!  We are excited to say that Ms. Charlie had her baby girl and we still await to see when Ms. Kay's daughter will make her arrival!   

Good Luck Ms. Chey as she heads back to finish school and to Ms. Andrea as she heads to Disney for her intership.  

Happy Birthday: Jameson & Scarlett



Dates to Remeber

Feb 2nd-Groundhog's Day

Feb 3rd-SuperBowl-Go Pats!

Feb 5th- Chinese New Year, Year of the Pig

Feb 14th-Happy Valentine's Day (parties & Pink Day)

Feb 18th-President's Day-Closed for In Service



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We have a 10 hr care policy.  This policy is per child, not per family as our ratios are per child not family.


  You can pay by check or cash by end of day on Thursday.  You may also use your Debit or Credit Card here at the center. There is a convenience fee for us to process credit cards.   The fee is 3.5% plus .32 per transaction. 




Please Support Our Fundraising Efforts!


We are raising funds to upgrade out security system!  Look for our Spring Fundraiser!

Please help us by showing our fundraisers to family & friends, co workers & neighbors!  A donation to the school can be made as well! 



Check Us Out on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and Bright Wheel!

Kid's Creative Cove Learning Center & Childcare has a facebook page, as well as a Twitter account, a Pintrest account and now, for our parents, the Bright Wheel App!  Check them out and like us, tweet about us and follow us!  Please remember our social media pages are not a place for negative comments but rather a place to catch up on the happenings of the center.  We encourage you to have open lines of communication with your child's teacher and/or the director so that issues or concerns can be handle immediately, professionally and respectfully.  The administrator of the center's social media pages reserves the right to delete and/or alter and unfriend/block anyone and their posts/comments if they are felt to be insensitive to the center, the staff and/or families of the center.

Our teachers are asked to refrain from friending or following our parents.  We ask that you not friend or follow them as well.  This helps protect the privacy of both our teachers and our families.  Thank you.

If you need to speak with our director, please don't hesitate to call. We're always happy to assist you.
Phone: 603 429-2003

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